Solr Search and Node.js
Hosting for Drupal

Solr Search

Blazing fast, faceted search. File attachment indexing. Empower your visitors to search efficiently.

Apache Solr can serve as a powerful and feature-rich replacement for Drupal's built-in search. With Node Factor, you can start using Solr on your site without having to configure and maintain your own search server. All you need to do is install a module that integrates with Solr, such as Apache Solr Search or Search API Solr Search.

Node.js Integration

Chat. Real-time content. Add more interactivity to your site.

Node Factor offers hosted Node.js backend applications that support the Node.js integration Drupal module. This module enables you to set up chat and messaging modules on your site that rely on Node.js for real-time communication, such as Chat Room or Private message.

Why Node Factor?

Fast, one-click deployment of new Solr Search and Node.js Integration instances. Manage all your sites on one easy-to-use dashboard.
Grow with your visitors. Upgrade or downgrade instances at any time.
Be secure. All data transmitted to and from your instances is encrypted.
Proudly running a Drupal site? We are Drupal specialists and happy to assist you in connecting your website to your instances.

How it works

Create a Solr Search or Node.js Integration instance on the dashboard of your Node Factor account.
Set up the module that integrates with Solr or Node.js on your site using the configuration shown on your dashboard.
You’re done! Start searching or chatting on your site.
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